Our teens are drowning in stress, anxiety and depression.

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Thankfully, there are highly trained people who do just that. Lifeguards watch and wait. They are always alert. They are constantly searching for someone who might be struggling. When they see someone in need, they throw everything aside and go to them, meeting them where they are, and bring them to safety. This is what the lifeguards who make up this fund – the patrons and non-profit organizations – do for a teen struggling with life’s challenges.

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the need

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among youth ages 15-19 in the United States and recently surpassed vehicle accidents as the leading cause of death among adolescents in middle school.


Adolescent Suicides
in Comal County


Suicide Prevention Program*

2017-18 comal county Student Assessment
Secondary Levels Number of Students Receiving Program Number of Students with Critical Responses Percentage of Students with Critical Responses
Middle School 2,357 318 13.50%
High School 2,852 455 16%
Total 5,209 773 14.80%
*SOS: Signs of Suicide: an evidence-based national program administered by Communities in Schools of South Central Texas.

Factors Contributing to Critical Responses**

As indicated by Comal County Students during initial assessment
47% 16% 12% 12% 11% 10% 9% 3% 2%
Family Conflict Personal Relationships Academic Stress Organic (Mental Health Issue) Self-Image Bullying Family Illness/Death Substance Abuse Financial Stress
**Critical Response: a student self-reported that they have seriously considered suicide within the past year.
Factors can be co-occurring



Join concerned people, area non-profits, McKenna Foundation, and the New Braunfels Community Foundation in addressing this teen suicide crisis in Comal County. Donations to Lifeguards help fund suicide-prevention efforts such as Signs of Suicide, an evidence-based national program administered by Communities in Schools of South Central Texas, as well as professional counseling services for students with critical responses.

Signs of Suicide provides tools for adults and students to identify signs and symptoms of depression, suicidality, and self-injury in themselves and their peers and teaches students the importance of involving a caring adult in finding help for suicidal peers. This school-based mental health program is designed to help youth navigate the often difficult path of adolescence. Using a simple and easy-to-remember acronym, ACT (Acknowledge, Care, and Tell), students learn steps to take if they encounter a situation that requires help from a trusted adult.

Lifeguards exists to lower the number of teens experiencing depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts and actions. Will you be a Lifeguard? Join us.

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What is Lifeguards?

Lifeguards is a group of citizens who are concerned about the dramatic rise of incidence of depression, suicide and attempted suicide, self-injury, stress, and anxiety in area teens. The goal of Lifeguards is to financially support suicide prevention related programs and counseling activities administered by local non-profit organizations.

How can someone get help if I they are having thoughts of suicide or other mental-health-related issues?

A website provided by Mental Advocacy Partners offers local resources for getting help. Visit mapnb.com.

Where will my donation go?

It will be deposited into a fund held with the New Braunfels Community Foundation. Donations will be invested until grants are approved for the distribution of funds.

How do funds get to the non-profits that will help teens?

A committee made up of Lifeguards donors and other citizens will accept requests for funds. The committee will meet periodically to assess the requests and make grants.


Non-profit organizations are the “boots on the ground” in the fight against teen suicide in Comal County. These organizations engage face to face with teens every day and are able to influence them to make positive choices. Funding from Lifeguards helps partners initiate and expand vital programs to help teens cope with challenges in their lives.